Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas For The Family

Staying home does not mean that you can’t have an exciting experience…

So, how can you market a staycation to your smaller children when Disneyland is one of the many, more appealing holiday destinations?  And without breaking the bank? Easy, by creating fun, memorable experiences for your family.

Below are eight budget-friendly suggestions that will make your holiday staycation equally as memorable as any other excursion.

Set Up Camp In Your Backyard

In your own backyard, pitch the tent, roll out those sleeping bags, and light the fire. Creating your own unique camping experience right at home.

Let’s Get Cooking

Play a game of “Top Chef” and put your munchkins abilities to the test.  Incorporate a mystery food or grab a partner and see what your family can do.

Not competitive? Take a trip to the market, see what new and exciting foods you and your family can incorporate into your supper.

Or take it a step farther and throw a bake off for something on the sweeter side.

Family Circus 

Create your own diverse experience.  By dressing up with your little ones, incorporating fair foods like funnel cake or hotdogs, and even setting up games like ring toss. 

Don’t stop there.  By inviting your friends and family you can make it even more memorable. 

Finish the night off with an outdoor movie simply by stringing a sheet up and using a projector.  Your family will have a fair like experience like no, other.

Try Something New

Take the family along to learn a new skill.  Using a class, book, or internet course you and your family can have hands on learning experience that is both fun and practical, such as learning a sport or new language. 

Construct A Fort

Gather up all boxes, blankets, chairs and cushions and start to construct a creative playhouse for your family.

Using tunnels, creating separate rooms, and building a moat out of pillows,

you can construct the best playhouse your family could want.

If you would rather have a quieter night.  Snuggle up inside for a relaxing movie night or bring in a couple books.  Don’t forget the popcorn!

Want to be the ultimate parent! Grab some flashlights or twinkling lights and turn the night into a sleepover in your own living room.

Cool Down With The Garden Hose

Hot summer day? Cool down by creating in your own backyard, a miniature water park.

Break out the sprinkler and fill up the kiddie pool.  Take the plunge with your little ones.  Not exciting enough? Grab water balloons and the squirt-guns and wage a war on your kids.

Take things away from home by visiting your public splash park or pool.

Craft Time

Find your inner artist and bring out your more creative side, creating little treasures you’ll remember for many years to come.

Perhaps tie-dye some plain T-shirts, produce your own modelling clay utilizing salt and flour, make beaded necklaces, or try out your knitting skills.  

If looking to keep things more simple use some sidewalk chalk, create a birdhouse from Popsicle sticks, or just get messy with some finger paint.

Scavenger Hunt

Make up a series of hints for your children to follow, guiding them all over the home and backyard. Incorporate rhymes to make it even more enticing.

End the search with a grand prize.  Baked sweets, a long desired toy, or even a chest of chocolate coins would be memorable to any child.  To go the extra mile, grab some costumes and show your kids your best Hook impressions.

These eight staycation ideas are perfect for any family.  Whether you’ve got a great deal of spare time or just a few hours, cash to spend or a restricted budget, these ideas are loads of fun and are easy ways to create a quality experience for your family.